S   T   A   T   E   M   E   N   T

The world emerging from the interaction of Nature and the creative human spirit is the greatest source of inspiration for my work. Composite memories of pine-and cedar-covered hills surrounding the Baikal lake in Siberia, of the stillness of Armenian mountains, of the watery grays, pale blues and pinks of St. Petersburg’s magnificent buildings, of the curves of its countless rivers, canals, and bridges – all of these find their reflection in the forms and colors of my work. The techniques I developed to shape the forms resemble or imitate the workings of the natural forces: fierce winds, huge bodies of water and all-penetrating sand dunes, which can wear away and transform huge rocks. The medium I use is grolleg porcelain fired either in soda or reduction gas kilns. Quite often I take my work through a number of firings, combining both methods, until I reach the desired effect. In essence, my intention is to breathe life into a man made object and to give it the appearance of a creature blending into a natural environment, be it a sea shore, a forest or a river bank.

Gerbi Tsesarskaia

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